From Monday 14th December 2020 , Occupational Health will be no longer available through the Healthy Living Centre.  Please contact Human Resources on 01 7005149 for information about Pre-placement Heath Declaration forms. 

Wendy Buckley, Occupational Health Advisor ,  sits in the HLC each Monday and provides the following services;

Vaccination programme

Vaccinations programmes are run by occupational health advisor for staff and students that maybe be exposed to infectious agents or dangerous chemicals while at work.  It is required under the Safety Health and Welfare Act 2005, that a risk assessment is carried out to establish if vaccinations are required during their employment.  For example, students and staff require Hepatitis b while working with human tissue samples.

Health Surveillance

The health surveillance programme is carried out periodically in areas where during your employment you are exposed to a particular health risk. Results are correlated year on year and should identify ill health and any corrective action required. Health surveillance is required by Section 22 of Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005.  For example the necessity to carry out spirometry testing on staff and students working in the BRU department.


Pre-placement health declaration

Preplacement health Dec. indicates fitness to undertake the proposed employment. It also forms the basis for further health checks during employment, this is important if you are working in an area where you are exposed to a particular health risk.


Pregnancy risk assessment

The pregnancy at work regulations which form part of the Safety Health and Work Act 2005 General Application Regulations 2007 ensure that the work place does not pose a risk to health to the pregnant employee. The occupational health advisor carries out a risk assessment to identify if articles or substances impact on employee and measures to avoid injury or ill health.


Travel Health

Jetting off to remote or exotic destinations?  Get Vaccinated!!

If your deciding to travel to exotic far away destinations. Travel health in Health and living centre, will provide a complete range of travel vaccines at student ?? rates and easily accessible on site at the DCU campus.

There are many infections and diseases that do not exist in Ireland but getting vaccinated before you go ensures you have the holiday of a life time.

What to do?

Contact the HLC at least six weeks before you travel and make an appointment to see the occupational health advisor and take the first step towards a happy safe holiday.

Don’t get the infection! Get the injection!!!


Wendy can be contacted at or on 01 7005793