Healthy Living Centre

The Healthy Living Centre (HLC) is an innovative facility providing an extensive array of health care services to both the local community and nationally. Situated on the campus of Dublin City University, The HLC offers a unique integration of health care, education and research. For details the services we provide, or to make an appointment, contact us today on 01 700 7171 or email

Psychotherapy & Counselling

We provide a highly confidential, community-based counselling and psychotherapy service, a safe place where you can talk about your worries and get support to help you find real and practical solutions to deal with life.

Memory Works Clinic

Are you having problems remembering names, misplacing things, remembering appointments or occasions? The Memory Works clinic perform simple screening tests and provide you evidence-based exercises to help you make the most of your memory.

Occupational Health

We provide an extensive range of services relating to health in the workplace, including: health risk management, health surveillance, safety in pregnancy, travel health, vaccinations, eyesight screening and work station ergonomic assessment.

GP Service

We run a Community Surgery and GP Surgery here in The HLC. In addition to General Practitioner Services, surgical procedures include: biopsy, lesion removal, steroid joint injection, general health screening services, medical botox and ear-syringing,

Recent Activity at The HLC

The HLC aims to address priority needs and gaps as identified through a process of consultation with local GPs, the acute sector and primary care providers

Memory Works at The HLC

Did you know there are things you can actively do to stave-off cognitive decline and improve your brain function? It\'s true and it\'s actually pretty simple. (It\'s not done by sitting in a chair staring at two dimensional images on your TV screen though.) No, you can only do this by practicing, exploring, and learning new things in the THREE-dimensional real world.

We Are Hiring!

Due to the continued expansion of our psychotherapy and counselling services, The Healthy Living Centre is now contracting accredited and pre-accredited therapists. We are now considering applications from: - Accredited contract Psychotherapists/Counsellors - Student placements and pre-accredited Therapists

We Are Open!

Even though the academic semester is coming to a close in DCU, the Healthy Living Centre remains open to the local community and DCU staff throughout the summer months. The HLC Initiative will contribute to the advancement of knowledge underpinning healthcare practice and to contribute to the shape and structure of healthcare innovation.

Dramatic Arts For Wellness

The arena of ‘Mental Health’ is rarely synonymous with ‘creativity’ and ‘fun’, but our friends in Dawson Drama Works have successfully redressed that imbalance recently. We at The Healthy Living Centre believe it is absolutely possible to have fun with such a serious subject and we’re delighted to learn that the HSE have given the green light to the initiative.